It’s All About The Roses!

With demand for the national flower of England showing no signs of slowing down and Valentines day right around the corner, we have put together a go to guide of all things roses!

Roses do not actually have thorns.  The sharp spikes are technically prickles! who knew?

Ever wonder why and how roses are so fragrant? They have tiny perfume glands on their petals!

The word rose is french, which stems from the Latin rosa meaning ‘love’

On average 21 million roses are sold in the UK around Valentines Day!

The Tudor rose (red and white, to represent the united houses of York and Lancaster) is the National symbol of England, but did you know that the rose is also the National flower of the USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Maldives!

If you’re after symbolism with wedding blooms, then roses are most definatly for you! Red roses symbolise love, although dark red is thought to symbolise guilt.  white roses mean purity and charm.  Pink and peach symbolise happiness and grace.  Yellow is for joy and friendship.  Orange means desire while lilac and lavender symbolise enchantment and love at first sight.

There are actually about a hundred species of rose in all!

Would you pay 3 million for a rose? Thats how much one of our firm favourite breeders David Austin paid to create the apricot hued ‘ Juliet’ rose in 2006!  It took 15 years to be developed and made its debut at the 2006 Chelsea flower show.  It has taken the floral world by storm and thankfully the 3 million price tag hasnt been passed onto bride and grooms up and down the country and especially not The Blossom Room’s happy couples!


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