Real vs Fake

Why we prefer the real deal than faking it!  Florally speaking of course…….

We are strong advocates of a stunning fresh bloom for all occasions even more so for weddings above fake and artificial silks

Nothing can replicate the feel, character, texture and of course their scent!  Scents help to add a real personal element.  They can help to evoke a memory and make us happy, plus its scientifically proven that certain flower fragrances can help improve our wellbeing.  I often use herbs such as rosemary or mint in buttonholes, this can help to keep a nervous groom energised and focused and by adding hints of lavender this can help to reduce stress and anxiety.  Helping to keep nerves away (this is also true of a quick shot of something alcoholic but we aren’t endorsing drunken grooms!)

Even those with allergy worries there are ways around this by avoiding anything with pollen Flowers such as ranunculus, dahlias, roses and hydrangea are an ideal choice for you.  If scent is an issue then a good alternative for you are tulips, anemone, snapdragon and larkspur.

We get a few brides who come to The Blossom Room with preconceived idea that silks are a cheaper choice.  However, a good quality silk can cost anything between £5 -£10 a stem! Choosing real flowers is definitely, more budget friendly.  Seasonal flowers at their prime will also offer the best price and will allow for more flexibility and choice.

Personally, I just can’t and won’t allow myself to go ‘gooey’ over fake blooms.  Real flowers tell a story and the aroma will elicit memories for years to come.  The amount of colours and varieties that are now available are just so vast. There are ways to preserve bouquets now too.  The emotional attachment wins for me over fake flowers for example sometimes my brides will choose a bloom that their mums or grans carried in their bouquets as an act of sentiment.  When you invoke memories its really quite powerful stuff.   We are constantly falling in love with stunning, fresh flowers and invite you to do the same.

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