Top Tips to make your bouquet last longer

I’m always getting asked by my customers for hints and tips and how’s best to care for fresh cut flowers, so they last as long as possible. Our beautiful flowery friends can be somewhat divas when it comes to behaving themselves and giving us as much pleasure as possible to enjoy and appreciate how stunning they can be, when cared for correctly.

I would firstly always recommend buying from a reputable florist.  It is as good a starting point as any as the flowers you buy will be of a higher quality than those available at the local supermarket and each stem will have been lovingly and individually cared for on arrival from the Dutch auctions each day by qualified staff.

Wherever they are from, whether it’s a shop or even your own garden, it isn’t about just popping them in a vase leaving the flowers to it.  So, here is our guide to get the best from your blooms……


  1. Remove any foliage that will sit below the waterline within your vase. This causes bacteria within the water.  If not removed it can contribute to a shorter vase life.


  1. Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Place the flower stems into the water and cut each stem at a sharp angle using a sharp knife or scissors removing 1- 2-inches of the stem from the bottom. This is a biggie! The sharper the angle is cut the better as it increases the surface that the flower can drink from!


  1. Ensure your vase/container is clean! We all know the residue that lurks on glassware.  Top tip clean with Babies sterilising fluid such as Milton.  Rinse with clean water then you are good to go.


  1. If your flowers start to look a bit ‘floppy’ then try searing the stem ends in a jug of boiling water. Somewhere between 10 and 60 seconds is enough, depending on how woody and hardy the stem is but this can have an amazing effect on vase life and some flowers even make a total recovery after searing!



  1. Feed me Seymour! A top tip to keeping cut flowers looking good, as a long as possible, is to minimise the growth of bacteria in the water and provide nourishment. A sachet of flower food, that we provide with all our bouquets, will do the job nicely. Banish away those slimy stems!  Change the water regularly. Flowers love nothing more than fresh clean water
  1. Location matters!  Avoid placing your vase near any heat source or draughts or direct sunlight.  Flowers like to be in a cool room and this environment will help to keep them thriving for as long as possible!  Also try to avoid placing them near to fruit and veg in the kitchen and away from cigarette smoke both of which produce Ethaline gas that dramatically shortens the life of even the most hardy bloom!


  1. Invest in the tools of the trade. A good pair of florist scissors, some twine and rubber bands.  Also if you run out of flower food, why not try crushing an asprin and placing that in the water.


We hope this handy guide helps you to enjoy the beauty of flowers for as long as possible!

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