Wedding Flower Tips

Choosing your flowers is a really exciting part of wedding planning.  It isn’t always as simple as picking a favourite flower.  So we have put together a handy and helpful guide to help you along with the process.  If you are confused and don’t know where to start then please get in touch.  We are always here to help and have lots of inspiration and ideas and tips to share with you.

Start by looking through bridal magazines, books and blogs

If you don’t already have an idea of the types of flowers you’d like to have, we find looking at the beautifully shot images of flowers can be a lovely way to start getting some ideas together of what you like and don’t like.

Set a budget

Before you get too excited, do your sums.  Some floral arrangements may not be a realistic choice once you have budgeted for everything else, so it’s a great idea to know how much you have to spend on flowers before getting your hopes up.  We get lots of brides saying we don’t have a budget as we don’t know how much things cost.  We recommend following what you feel comfortable  with ie ‘do I feel comfortable paying £500, £1000 and so on.  It helps us if you have some idea of this.

Consider the colour of the flowers

Colour is such an important aspect when deciding what flowers to choose.  The colours should complement with wedding dress, theme and the clothing the rest of the bridal party wear.  Also consider what flowers would complement the venue, marquee or an outdoor setting.  You want to choose colours that will stand out, it isn’t always about matching to a certain shade or colour either. Think about complementing shades and hues.

Consider the season

The season plays such an important role, especially if you are conscious of a budget.  Some more well known flower can be found here as a guide (noting slight seasonal changes due to weather).

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